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EMS Japan will suspend parcel delivery to mainland China starting 13th March.

Because the EMS Japan will suspend parcel delivery to mainland China starting 13th.
Our site will stop delivery to mainland China during the suspension period.
We are very sorry for the inconvenience.

There is no exact deadline for the suspension, and it is difficult to predict when it will be reopened now.

we will start shipping immediately after the suspension was over, and hope to get your understanding.

thank you,best regards.

Considerable delivery delays expected for outbound mail because Of Coronavirus

Considerable delivery delays are expected for outbound mail items to China due to continuous significant cancellations of flights that were scheduled to transport postal items to China. It is expected to take more than two weeks to load the items to China that have already been accepted at present. Moreover, further delays may be expected depending on the destination areas in China.
In addition, the logistics tracking system of EMS has an error and cannot accurately reflect the location of the current package.
At the end of February and early March, customers who received the EMS ticket number from our site,
please note whether you have received contact from the Chinese customs or EMS.

PayPal has been added to an option to pay

At the request of our customers,we added the Paypal as a payment option.
You can use this option when paying the order.

Notice of correction of the Christmas Voice.

There was a mistake in the Christmas card data,
About the Christmas Voice released on Friday, December 20.
The data was revised around 1:30 (midnight) on Sunday, December 22.

If you downloaded earlier than this time,
Sorry to trouble you, but please re-download from the purchase history of My Page.

Thank you.

【Important】The price of the Special Gift will to be written to 1,000 JPY on the EMS invoice,
If the customs in your country contact you to confirm the price of the mail contents,
Please reply that it is 1,000 JPY.
The Minato Aqua, Natsuiro Matsuri and Murasaki Shion's special goods have been produced and will be mailed from October.
And we have sent an email about Postal address verification, please confirm your mail box.
New product comes! Cute V.F.G. MacrossΔ VF-31J Siegfried 35th Anniversary Ver
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